Root Canals

Gentle Root Canal Treatment in Kansas City

root canalsAt Dental Smilemakers, we know that many people feel fearful when they are told they need a root canal treatment. We are here to put you at ease. With a compassionate manner, safe sedation methods, and gentle care, we will ensure that your root canal treatment is comfortable and alleviates the pain caused by your infected tooth.

Indications for Root Canal Treatment

When the nerve-filled pulp chamber of the tooth becomes damaged or infected, a root canal procedure is needed to help relieve pain and prevent the infection from spreading. Damage can occur either through tooth breakage that exposes the pulp or decay that extends into pulp. Located in the center of the tooth, the pulp contains nerves, blood vessels, and other tissues that help nourish the tooth during development. However, once the tooth is fully developed, your teeth can function just fine without the pulp if it needs to be removed because of infection.

The Root Canal Procedure

To begin your root canal procedure, Dr. Meilink will numb your gums with a local anesthetic. For more anxious patients, he can also administer nitrous oxide to help you relax. When you feel comfortable, he will proceed with creating an opening in your tooth to reach the pulp chamber. He will then remove the tooth pulp, nerves, and any bacteria or debris present. Next, he will shape the canal walls and clean them. If infection is present, he will insert medication into the root canal and place a temporary filling until your next appointment. If you do not have an infection, he will seal the canal with a rubbery material called gutta percha and top it off with a filling. In some cases, he will also place a crown to help further support and strengthen your tooth.

Find Out if Root Canal Treatment Is Necessary

If you have a filling that has failed, or an infection that has reached the pulp of your tooht, then root canal treatment may be necessary to stop the damage. To find out if root canal treatment is necessary, call Dental Smilemakers at 816-436-8949. Located in Kansas City, MO, we serve the residents of Gladstone, Smithville, Tiffany Springs, Parkville, Liberty, and all surrounding Northland communities. We also service the North Kansas City, Parkhill, Smithville, Platte City, and Liberty school districts.