Dental Implants

A Stable Tooth Replacement Option

dental implants - meilinkWhile bridges and dentures are excellent options for replacing missing teeth, some patients opt for the stability of dental implants. A dental implant is essentially an artificial tooth root. Made of titanium, these small rods are inserted into the jawbone and topped with a porcelain crown. Implants stay securely in place and function just like natural teeth, so they are more convenient and stable than removable dentures.

Restoration of Dental Implants

Dr. Meilink will refer you to an oral surgeon for placement of dental implants. After placement, a process called osseointegration occurs. During this process, which takes three to six months, the jawbone bonds with the implant and securely anchors it into the mouth. After proper osseointegration occurs, Dr. Meilink will proceed with placing an aesthetically-pleasing crown onto your implant. To replace more than one tooth, he can attach a bridge or full set of dentures to a few strategically-placed implants. With Dr. Meilink’s expert care, your appearance and full oral functioning can be restored in just a few short months.

Do You Qualify for Dental Implants?

Dental implants can do more to rebuild your smile than any other restorative treatment. To find out if you qualify for implants, call Dental Smilemakers at 816-436-8949. Located in Kansas City, MO, we serve the residents of Gladstone, Smithville, Tiffany Springs, Parkville, Liberty, and all surrounding Northland communities. We also service the North Kansas City, Parkhill, Smithville, Platte City, and Liberty school districts.