Restoring Tooth Function with Dental Crowns

crownsA dental crown is a tooth restoration that covers the crown of the tooth, which is the portion that shows above the gum line. Also known as a cap, a crown is used when tooth decay is too extensive to be covered with a filling. Crowns are also placed to support a tooth that is weak, fractured, or broken, or to protect a tooth that has been treated with a root canal procedure. Additionally, crowns are used as the anchoring structures for a dental bridge. Finally, they can be used for purely cosmetic reasons to cover a tooth that is misshapen or discolored.

Crown Materials

Dental crowns can be constructed from a variety of materials. At Dental Smilemakers, we place the following types of crowns:

  • Metal. Made from alloys of gold, nickel, palladium, or other metals, metal crowns are durable and can bear the forces of chewing very well. Because of their metallic appearance, most patients do not choose metal crowns for front teeth, and they are most often used on molars or on baby teeth.
  • Porcelain-fused-to-metal. Consisting of a metal base with a porcelain overlay, porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns are both durable and natural looking. However, they are often used for back teeth.
  • All-ceramic. Made entirely of porcelain, all-ceramic crowns are ideal for front teeth. Because they reflect light and are made to match your natural teeth, your all-ceramic crowns will be indistinguishable from the rest of your teeth.

Placing a Dental Crown

Dr. Meilink can restore your tooth to optimal functioning with a crown in just two office visits. At your first appointment, he will numb the area around your tooth using local anesthesia. Next, he will gently remove decay or sharp edges and create a tooth shape that will ensure optimal bonding of the crown. After the ideal shape is achieved, he will make an impression to be sent to a dental lab so that your crown can be made. You will wear a temporary crown while your permanent crown is being constructed. At your second visit, Dr. Meilink will cement the crown to your tooth and ensure that your bite looks and feels natural with your new restoration.

Is a Dental Crown Right for You?

To determine if a dental crown is your best option for restoring your smile, schedule a visit by calling Dental Smilemakers at 816-436-8949. Located in Kansas City, MO, we serve the residents of Gladstone, Smithville, Tiffany Springs, Parkville, Liberty, and all surrounding Northland communities. We also service the North Kansas City, Parkhill, Smithville, Platte City, and Liberty school districts.