A Few Things You Should Know About Root Canal Treatment

If you’ve never had root canal treatment before, then there’s much about the procedure that you may not know. That uncertainty may make you slightly anxious about the treatment, which involves your dentist cleaning out the sensitive inside of your tooth. The good news is that root canal treatment is often much less complex than patients believe. In fact, it can often be completed in just a single visit, and by removing the infection from your tooth, it can also alleviate the many symptoms of severe tooth decay. (more…)

How Much Do You Know About Tooth-Colored Fillings?

Even if you’ve never had a filling placed, you may know exactly what they are. After all, most people at least know someone who has had to deal with a cavity by receiving a tooth filling. Because they’ve been around longer, some people assume that all fillings are made from metal amalgam. However, these days, increasingly more patients are choosing fillings made from tooth-colored composite resin, which blends in discreetly with the surrounding natural tooth structure.  Today, we explore a few of the more important things you should know about tooth-colored fillings and their benefits over more traditional metal ones. (more…)

Root Canals: Separating Facts From Fears

Many people might reflexively shy away from the mere mention of a root canal treatment. However, they may be worried by the treatment’s reputation, while being less informed about the procedure itself. One thing you should know is that if you have a problem that calls for a root canal, your tooth can be in serious jeopardy. This procedure is only employed when you are experiencing internal problems, which can threaten the nerves and blood vessels within your tooth. This can cause considerable discomfort until it is treated – if care is not provided in time, you could lose your tooth! (more…)

What Does Malocclusion Mean?

While traditional braces are typically associated with younger patients, malocclusion, or misaligned teeth, is a common condition that affects patients of all ages. When it does occur, correcting malocclusion is often vital to your good oral health, no matter how old you are. Today, we explore two of the most common forms of malocclusion, and explain why not seeking orthodontic treatment to correct your crooked teeth should never be an option. (more…)

Making Dentistry More Comfortable with Sedation

You might not automatically think of comfort when you think of dental treatment, but your comfort and convenience are important to the quality of the care you receive. For instance, if you’re anxious about visiting the dentist or worried about extensive restorative treatment, then your discomfort could cause you to hesitate to receive the treatment you need. At our office, we understand that your comfort should be considered when designing any treatment plan. To that end, we can often recommend dental sedation to help patients stay calm and relaxed throughout their visit. (more…)

Making Cavity Prevention Easy

Everyone’s dental health is unique, but cavities are something that most people will have to deal with at least once in their lives. The fact that they’re so common, however, can obscure the fact that cavities can usually be prevented fairly easily with good hygiene and regular preventive dentistry. The key to easy cavity prevention is consistency; most of us can eventually grow lax in our dental hygiene routines, or forget to visit the dentist every six months. All it takes is one mistake and harmful oral bacteria can quickly lead to cavity development. (more…)

What to Do Between Your Checkup Appointments

Keeping your smile healthy and beautiful requires both good hygiene at home and regular care at your dentist’s office; not either or. While your regular checkup and cleaning appointments are meant to help you remove harmful plaque and tartar and detect issues early, preventive dental care is only effective when you do your share of dental maintenance every day at home. Fortunately, that maintenance isn’t difficult or tedious. Between your checkup appointments, keeping your smile in good shape just requires a bit of attention and diligence. (more…)

Dental Emergencies that Aren’t So Obvious

If you’re playing a contact sport and accidentally crack your tooth, then the emergency of the situation might be pretty obvious. However, not all dental emergencies can be so obvious, and neglecting to seek treatment when it’s needed most is one of the main reasons why a majority of people experience severe dental health issues. Today, we examine just two of the many things that may seem innocent at first, but are often something you shouldn’t ignore for the sake of your dental health.   (more…)

Tips to Make Teeth-Whitening Results Last Longer

Professional teeth-whitening is designed to make erasing teeth stains safe, easy, and convenient. This especially good news given the fact that teeth stains can develop naturally and cannot always be prevented. However, because stains can occur naturally, teeth-whitening isn’t guaranteed to last for life, and you may need to brighten your smile more than once in your lifetime. Yet, by keeping your teeth clean and being conscious of common teeth-staining habits, you can make your teeth-whitening results last and keep your smile stain-free for longer. (more…)