Preventing Facial Collapse with Dental Implants

If you lost one or more teeth, would you replace them? There are myriad options for restoring a smile damaged by tooth loss, but some people do not consider closing these gaps a priority. Even if you are confident enough to pull off a gapped smile, however, your remaining teeth and what’s left of your oral health depend on correcting the problem as soon as possible. Today, we explain how replacing your teeth, and more notably their roots, can help save the slow deterioration of your jawbone that can lead to facial collapse after tooth loss. (more…)

Why Consider Root Canal Treatment Over Extraction?

Cavities are often treated before they become serious threats to your oral health because they usually cause enough discomfort to force you to visit the dentist. However, there are still times when tooth infection (or tooth decay) can progress into the center of your tooth, known as the pulp chamber. When internal decay occurs, the pain can be severe enough that you might be tempted to simply extract the tooth and replace it. However, saving the tooth with root canal treatment is usually the better option for both your immediate and long-term oral health. (more…)

Important Things to Know About Tooth Loss

Ideally, the advancement of dental care and treatment would mean that tooth loss is no longer an issue. Unfortunately, it remains a serious concern for many adult patients, regardless of how advanced their dental care is. In some cases, the loss is a result of missed opportunities to treat a progressive dental issue, like gum disease, until it causes severe damage. In others, it can be caused by accidental trauma, or the need for extraction (such as with impacted wisdom teeth). In either case, there are several things you should know about tooth loss, even if you have never experienced it. (more…)

Wondering if You Should Extract a Tooth?

Throughout the course of your dental health care, you always have options. In some cases, however, the best option for the rest of your oral health is to extract a troublesome tooth, rather than trying unsuccessfully to restore it. If you have a tooth that hurts severely, or that is too broken to allow you to bite and chew properly, then you may be wondering if tooth extraction is a good idea. Before considering further, speak with your dentist about your options, and what you should do afterward if you choose to extract the tooth. (more…)

Fixing a Fractured Tooth

For some dental issues, like a minor crack in your tooth or a worn down edge, you may not notice that there is any trouble until your dentist notices it during your routine examination. However, other conditions, like a fractured tooth, are not so subtle, and the pain they cause can force you to seek treatment as soon as possible. In the case of a fractured tooth, for instance, the damage can increasingly expose the sensitive inner tissues of your tooth, leading to exponentially worse discomfort. Fortunately, fixing a fractured tooth is not typically difficult, as long as you visit your dentist as soon as possible. (more…)

Facts About Modern Tooth Fillings

In the history of modern dental treatment, tooth fillings are one of the most established restorations, having changed little over the years apart from the materials that dentists use. The reason they remain popular is because they remain the simplest and most conservative way to treat tooth decay—the most common chronic dental health concern among children and adults alike. Today, we take a closer look at how modern tooth fillings can help most patients recover from tooth decay and cavities in a comfortable, minimally invasive, and virtually invisible manner. (more…)

Why Gum Disease May Be More Dangerous than You Know

As one of the more damaging chronic dental health issues, periodontal disease (or gum disease) affects over 80% of adults in America. As the leading cause of adult tooth loss, advanced gum disease can undermine your oral health by attacking the structures that support your teeth. However, the dangers of gum disease may be more pronounced than many people realize, and experts believe it could be a significant risk factor in developing other chronic health issues. (more…)

Want to Protect Your Smile? Preventive Treatment Is Key

Want to Protect Your Smile? Preventive Treatment Is KeyDo you love the idea of avoiding cavities? Really, who wouldn’t? No one wants to get to the dentist’s office for a routine visit, only to learn that he or she has already developed a dental cavity. And yet, as many as 90 percent of the adults in America will suffer from decaying teeth! You don’t have to be among them, though. To prevent cavities and other dental problems, you simply need to make sure your smile is getting all the preventive care it needs, to keep your teeth both healthy and strong. (more…)

Is a Dental Implant the Smile Solution You Need?

Is a Dental Implant the Smile Solution You Need?Are you getting tired of dreading mealtime, all because of how difficult it has been to chew, ever since you lost a tooth? Incomplete smiles can do much more than cause embarrassment; they can make it incredibly frustrating when trying to eat, which can eventually lead to malnutrition, not to mention negatively impact one’s social life. Fortunately, modern prostheses are designed to address tooth loss from both a functional and cosmetic standpoint, with beautiful and confidence-inducing results. So rather than making do with an incomplete smile, why not talk to your dentist about how a prostheses like a dental implant could be just the solution your smile needs. (more…)

Want Whiter Teeth? Talk to Your Dentist!

Want Whiter Teeth? Talk to Your Dentist!If you spend a lot of time wishing your smile were whiter and brighter, you are not alone. Approximately 80 percent of Americans between 18 and 49-years-old want whiter teeth. Because of that, many people look to drugstore products to try to lighten their teeth. Unfortunately, most over-the-counter products are only able to lighten teeth by a few shades, and even so, they make take several months to actually create those results. Professional teeth whitening, on the other hand, is a great solution for people looking to quickly brighten their smiles! (more…)